PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

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  • DURABLE: Durable rubber ball provides an additional tugging grip
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Fleece tug is machine washable
  • TRAINING TIPS INCLUDED: Teach your dogs some basic commands to help make playtime even more enjoyable for you and your dog
  • SUPPORT FOR YOU: Call our expert US-based customer care specialists six days a week at 1-800-845-3274; they are waiting to assist you and your pet with your product needs
  • EXPERIENCE: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year

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PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy

From the manufacturer

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Infini-Tug means more fun for everyone!

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You and your pet were made for each other. At PetSafe brand, our aim is to strengthen the companionship between you and your pet, so you can create your best moments together.

PetSafe Infini-Tug Fleece Dog Toy

More Quality Time for You and Your Pet

The PetSafe Infini-Tug toy is built for intense playtime that is easy on you and your dog.

Made of resilient synthetic fleece and tough natural rubber, this toy allows you and your dog to play, exercise, and train together. Bring out the Infini-Tug, and your bond with your best bud grows stronger.

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Sturdy Construction for Long-Lasting Play

Soft fleece strips are braided into a plush, durable rope that won’t fray into messy fibers. The tight braid allows your dog to sink his teeth in for a good grip while improving dental health. This soft and stretchy tug is machine washable, too.

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pull, puller, tug toy, dog, rope toy, durable, kong, chew, best, tough, indestructible, pet, puppy

Bouncy Fun to Toss or Tug

The attached rubber ball is solid, making it more durable than a typical tennis ball. The ball adds weight for tossing and tugging, as well as providing a flexible but durable texture that dogs can’t resist. The strong loop provides a secure grip, but is easy on your hands or your dog’s mouth. This versatile toy can be used for a variety of fun games with your best friend!

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tether tug, chuck it, tug of war, game, pull, puller, tug toy, dog, rope toy, durable, kong, chew,

Designed to Entice Your Dog

With a bouncy ball on one end and a floppy fringe on the other, your dog will get excited every time the Infini-Tug comes out to play. The 45 in. length puts distance between your hands and your dog’s teeth, meaning safer play and fewer accidental nips. The Infini-Tug is built to be a lasting source of fun you can share with your dog. However, it is not a chew toy and play should always be supervised. Handy training tips from certified staff trainers are included.

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Additional Must-Have Items for Your Dog

Gently discourages your dog from pulling while on a leash. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, making walks enjoyable for you and your dog.

Provides your pet with 100 ounces of fresh, filtered water. Keep your pet hydrated by providing multiple places to drink with lower and upper dishes.

Features a unique hand wrap to help you keep a firm grasp; converts to a padded handle with one quick snap.

Rubber and nylon surfaces firmly grip PetSafe treat ring refills to motivate dogs to play longer.

Gives your pet freedom to enter and exit your home without having to open the door for him. It also offers a paintable frame to match any home decor.

Product description

The PetSafe Infini-Tug Dog Toy provides you and your dog with a fun playtime experience. The durable braided fleece tug is approximately 45 inches in length and has a rubber ball for added tug grip. The tug is washing machine safe and quick to line dry. Training tips written by certified staff trainers are also included.

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